Sunday, February 1, 2015

All aboard the Humor Express...or at least the Less Whiny Express

I've had this blog since the end of 2013, around the time my biology had a good laugh at my expense. It was a good way for me to let out some angst, complain about some shit, blather about random topics, and have fun.

But I've realized that unless I make a conscious effort, the angst and the shit tend to take over while the blather, and especially the fun, fall by the wayside.

Well, no more. I need more joy in my life, not more crap, so that's what Striped Horses is all about now: the joy, especially the sarcastic, crazy, potty-humored joy that I enjoy way the hell more than I should admit to. I may have to work to see the funny side of things, but that's kind of what life's about sometimes anyway, right? Making lemonade out of those lemons. Unless they're Buddha's Hand lemons. Those suckers, you just nod at the nice Freddy Krueger citrus and run away, my friend.

Buddha's Hand Lemon: this is not a fruit to fuck with

In any case, I hope that the few lost souls who run up against this blog enjoy the coming months, because I sure plan to!