About me

I am, well, nobody really. If you saw me on the street, the only reason you might look twice is to worry you're about to catch some sort of disease, honestly.

I am a middle aged, overweight woman with a few chronic illnesses and two kids.  I have to wear a little paper mask to go out in public, to prevent me from getting sick and to prevent me from having more severe allergic reactions. I have to wear old, well-washed clothes of certain fibers if I don't want to be scratching my skin off by the time I get home.

And I am trying to pay attention to what's going on in my world and my country, now more than ever.  I can't always march - almost never, in fact. I can't even freaking go out to a bookstore or a coffee shop or even talk for too long without getting sick, these days.

But I can write. And aside from trying to contact others who can make a difference, I can sit here on my butt and write about what I'm seeing, and what I'm feeling, and maybe, if enough of us are doing just that, it may help contribute to the cause of, well, whatever I feel is important. Equal rights and humane treatment for everyone. Safe food (a huge issue for me) and a sustainable agriculture system. An elimination of poverty and the growing inequity between the classes.

Might as well go big, or go home.

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