Tuesday, December 8, 2015


What I'm trying to do:

Keep up with the idea of routines, as opposed to 'keep my house immaculate' or 'keep my body super awesome.'

So far? I like this a LOT. It's not perfect. In fact, after just a few days I can down with a nasty cold which has knocked me for such a loop I wasn't able to do anything for a couple days.

But I WAS able to do my little routines even when pretty miserable.

Including some new ones, like eating more carefully!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Deslobification, chronic illness style

I came across this blog the other day: http://www.aslobcomesclean.com

It's nice to listen to someone who is pretty honest about how hard they find it to keep things clean, and their own personal habits. She called her process 'deslobifiction,' which sounds just so appropriate to how this feels that it makes me grin.

She's a person who is trying to stay clean and who does NOT like to do it. That's so me - I would be quite happy to hire someone to clean for me so I can spend time doing something else I want to do with that time. If I could afford it. 

And I enjoyed a lot of her ideas. The concept of building routines - like doing a dish when you have a free moment - really appealed to me. 

I was struck, however, by one thing that this gal discusses, which I've seen in a lot of cleaning blogs: routines and habits that involve doing X or Y before you go to bed.

Yeah, thats not going to happen for many of us with chronic illness.